Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corrugated Signs

Corrugated plastic signs offer you an economical and versatile way of displaying information for your next event or your company's next promotion. We offer a wide variety of color boards to match your company or event's branding and other signage needs. Our corrugated plastic signs and yard signs come with an H-Frame for easy placement.

We are proud to now offer customizable corrugated plastic signs in multiple sport shapes including soccer and footballs so everyone from the coach to the team mom can show their spirit. We are able to create your corrugated plastic sign using full color printed vinyl or multiple layers of solid vinyl.

Contact us today or call us at (270) 761-5237 to consult with us the corrugated sign that best fits your needs, or upload a file to begin your sign's production process.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Custom Vehicle Lettering

Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with our vinyl vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps.

Make you company's vehicle work for you! You're already driving your vehicle around for hours a day, why not display advertising messages while you do it? MidSouth Vinyl's vehicle lettering and wraps are not only a great way to display company logos, slogan and pride but also deliver your sales message in new and unexpected ways. We offer vehicle lettering and wrapping in both printed and solid vinyl. MidSouth Vinyl can make your vehicle work for you!

We are highly experienced in designing and installing vehicle lettering and wraps that meet your needs. Contact us today or call us at (270) 761-5237 to discuss your next vehicle wrap, or upload a file to begin your vehicle wrap's production process.